• zhengfan battery

We have added a special polyester scirm to the poisitive plate. The scrim is an additional polyester element on top of PAM, which holds the active mass in place and pervents its erosion Unlike regular pasting paper, it remains on the plate after charging and operation due to its acid resistance abilty. The result is enhanced deep cycle capacity and superior charge acceptance. The addition of glued fleece helps the plates keep their proper positon at all times and in every conditon.

An insert with an acid circulation system prevents acid stratification. It works together with the stablization insert to keep the acid inside the battery in constant circulation. The acid density stays at homogenous levels, which enhances charge acceptance and extends the battery life.

There is also an insert for stabilization of the bridges which keeps the plates in theri centralized postion. The insert also has speacial design with acid circulation function, which uses the natural movement of the vehicle together with the Acid circulation system to reduce acid stratification.

The centralised postion and connection of the block elements leads to increased vibration resistance and endurance. The hot melt resin on the bottom and top of the block elements strengthens the lugs and enhances vibration restistance.

The sealed double lid with an advanced labyrinth system eliminates the need for miantenance and rescombines gases to  reduce water loss.


Post time: May-08-2020