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What matters to be attention when you are charging the battery?

Handle the battery carefully no matter if it’s fully charged or not. All the lead-acid batteries come with sulfuric acid which is highly corrosive, and will generate expolsive gas. So you must be on the alert when you are charging batteries.

Choose a breezy place to charge battery.

Conneect the red cable of the charger with battery positive terminal, and the black one with the negative terminal.

Make sure all the joints are firm and safe.

Turn off the charger before connecting it with the battery, to avoid spark(When the charging is finished, do the same operation.)

Don’t try to charge the battery which is broken or frozen.

The battery can’t get too hot or be over charged.

Read and understand the charger’s specification carefully before using it.


How to maintain the battery?

If it’s necessary, you should clean the pole terminal and filling port. A blokcked filling port can cause battery explosion. Check the level of acid in each cell and balance the electrolyte in each cell. About the electrolyte, we should use the water which the kind of superior drinking water or deionized water or distilled water without other chemical subtances. polluted water will severely reduce the serivice life and energy. Don’t add too much water in case of spilling ourt. Acid will corrode the paint or other metal parts on your vehicle.


How to select suitable battery for your car?

The best solution is to check Owner Handbook to know the suitable dimensons and min of parameters. If it is not convenient for you to check it, you can check the battery handbook the check vehicle model, battery type, date and recommended dimension and other parameters.


What does Reserve Capacity mean?

A battery must provide enough energy to ignite, light and so on. When the charging system on the vehicle stop operating , the Reserve Capacity means that the current discharge of a full changed new battery can be dischagrd at 25A, 80F(26.7C), and the cell voltage maintains 1.75V or above 1.75V.

Post time: Mar-19-2020