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Hebei Zhengfan Battery Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hebei Changxing Battery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It is a professional battery manufacturer and a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of start-up lead-acid batteries. The company’s production of “JILI” “Hanqudongli” “Zhongfan” brand batteries are widely used in automobiles, agricultural machinery, forklifts, ships and other fields, the company’s excellent research and development technology, excellent product performance, reasonable sales price and sincerity Customer service has won the unanimous trust and praise of the majority of users.



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    The company has first-class r & d personnel, advanced r & d equipment.

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    It is a professional battery manufacturer for 15 years and a high-tech enterprise.

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    Our Factory has grown into a Premier ISO9001:2008 Certified manufacturer of High quality, Cost-Effective products

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    Our professional,efficient customer service system.

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    We have added a special polyester scirm to the poisitive plate. The scrim is an additional polyester element on top of PAM, which holds the active mass in place and pervents its erosion Unlike regular pasting paper, it remains on the plate after charging and operation due to its acid resistance a.../p>

  • The automechanika Dubai June postpone

    Dear all my customers How are you? I hope everything goes well with you and your family. Our company planed to attend automechanika Dubai June,  but now for the corona virus, the exhibition postpone, and we don’t know the exact time till now. So nowdays, let’s contact on the internet,.../p>

  • Future development of battery

    Battery is a kind of chemical “power source” widely used in the world at present, which has the advantages of stable voltage, safe and reliable, low price, wide application range, abundant raw materials and high recycling and recycling utilization rate. The development of science and .../p>

  • Basic knowlege of lead acid battery

    What matters to be attention when you are charging the battery? Handle the battery carefully no matter if it’s fully charged or not. All the lead-acid batteries come with sulfuric acid which is highly corrosive, and will generate expolsive gas. So you must be on the alert when you are charg.../p>

  • The correct charging method of the battery

    Today, more and more electric equipment on the car, the owner of these electric equipment, try not to overload the battery work. The overload of the battery will reduce its life. It is important to master the correct battery charging method. Firstly, connect the positive pole of the battery to th.../p>